Google Ads Management Services

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Experience the Difference with Our Google Ads Management Services

Scaling peaks in Google Ads without a guide can leave your campaigns lost, with wasted ad spend and little to show for it. But what if we told you the summit is closer than you think?
As your PPC Sherpa, our Google Ads management service can take you to new heights.

As leading Google Ads Agency, Strategy Sultans LLC has helped brands across the globe gain an unmatched competitive advantage through strategic Google Ads management. How? By leveraging Google’s auction-based system and advanced targeting to drive targeted traffic, high conversions, and standout ROI – all on your budget.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the keys to growth with Google Ads and how our proven management process delivers transformative results for businesses of all sizes.

You’ll discover:

  • How we uncover your ideal customers and their buying motivations
  • How we optimize campaigns for your specific business goals
  • Our ongoing optimization process using Auction Insights google ads
  • The tangible growth and ROI you can expect from partnering with us

If you’re looking to tap into the power of Google Ads to accelerate your growth, we have the specialized skills to get you there. Let’s connect to discuss how our strategic Service can drive your business to new heights.

Now, let’s begin the journey…

Google Ads Management Services

Our Strategic 3-Step Approach to Google Ads Management

Our proven process follows a tailored 3-step methodology optimized to help you scale your growth:


Comprehensive Account Audit

We start by thoroughly analyzing your Google Ads Auction Insights, identifying opportunities related to:

  • Account structure
  • Bidding strategies
  • Keyword targeting
  • Ad relevance
  • Campaign settings
  • Performance by channel, campaign, ad group

This provides a blueprint for optimization.

Step 1

Strategy Development & Execution

With audit findings in hand, we develop an optimized strategy and execute it across your accounts, including:

  • Aligning campaigns to business goals for growth
  • Adding negative keywords to reduce irrelevant traffic
  • Optimizing bids to improve conversions at your target Cost Per Click
  • Crafting highly relevant ads optimized for expected Cost Per Acquisition
  • Streamlining campaign structure for alignment and performance
Step 2

Ongoing Optimization & Management

We continuously optimize your accounts to drive performance improvements over time. This includes:

  • Regular checks for new negative keywords
  • Close monitoring of search term performance
  • Daily bid adjustments based on goals
    Constant ad testing to improve relevancy
  • Monitoring campaign budget pacing
  • Providing optimization insights and reporting

Our experts meticulously manage your accounts to maximize their performance.

Step 3

Why Google Ads Management is Critical for Business Growth

Here are 3 compelling reasons to make it a core part of your growth strategy:

Unparalleled Reach & Scale

Google handles trillions of searches per year, making it the dominant source of intent and demand. This massive volume provides unmatched access to customers actively looking for your products and services. No other platform comes close to Google’s scale.

With over 3.5 billion searches per day, it gives you instant access to the world’s largest interest-based audience. Tapping into even a fraction of this demand can transform your business growth.

Google Ads Management Services
Google Ads Management Services

Advanced Targeting Options

It offers the most robust targeting capabilities out there to reach your ideal customers. You can target by demographics like age, gender, parental status, income level and more. Interests and habits can also be targeted, like “tech enthusiasts” or “fitness lovers”.

No platform provides more advanced options to precisely engage your target audiences wherever they are, based on unique combinations of parameters. This level of granularity is only possible on Google Ads.

Measurable Results

With expert management optimizing your campaigns, it provides clearly trackable ROI and a very competitive Cost Per Click due to the platform’s auction-based pricing model. We routinely achieve over 600% return on ad spend for clients through our campaigns.

The platform offers clear visibility into performance metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, cost, and return on investment. This allows for optimization and fine-tuning to maximize results. For measurable growth, Google Ads is unmatched.

Google Ads Management Services

The Benefits You’ll Get From Strategy Sultans’ Google Ads Management

When you choose Strategy Sultans as your partner for Google Ads management, here are some of the tangible benefits you can expect:

Laser-Focused Targeting

We have advanced techniques to find your ideal customers online and serve your ads directly to them, minimizing wasted spend.

Higher Conversion Rates

Our obsession with testing and optimization translates into higher quality scores, lower CPCs, and higher conversion rates for your campaigns.

Improved Account Structure

We streamline your accounts for alignment across campaigns, groups, keywords, and ads to drive performance.

Cost Savings

Our expertise in this field allows us to get more conversions while keeping your CPC/CPA goals competitive.

Full Transparency

We provide in-depth reporting and share optimization insights/recommendations to keep you fully informed.

Fully Managed Accounts

We handle all the heavy lifting from start to finish so you can focus elsewhere.

If you’re looking to maximize your success and ROI with Google Ads, we have the expertise to take your accounts to the next level. Let’s connect to discuss how our strategic service can accelerate your growth.

Google Ads FAQ

What makes your Google Ads management service unique?

Our differentiator is our obsessive focus on data-driven optimization. We go much deeper than surface-level tactics to unlock the full growth potential of your accounts.

How can Google Ads help you advance your business goals?

It allows you to connect with customers at the exact moment they express intent via search queries. With proper setup aligned to goals, it can drive leads, brand awareness, video views, app installs, sales – whatever you need to advance growth.

How long does it take to see results?

We’re able to onboard new accounts and begin optimizations in 2-3 weeks. From there we rapidly test and iterate to build momentum. Most see significant traction within the first 1-2 months.

How do you determine cost for Google Ads management?

Our fees are customized based on account size, industry, geographic targets, campaign scale, and other factors. We provide a detailed proposal.

Do you offer support across other platforms?

Yes, we are full-service digital experts in SEO, Social Media Marketing, Amazon PPC, Microsoft Ads, and more. Let’s discuss your needs!

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